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​Infant Programs

Our primary focus is developing trusting and loving relationships with the children in our infant care. The caregivers in the infant room pride themselves on the one-on-one time spent daily with each child. We provide the highest quality care in an environment that's designed to stimulate through music, mirror-play, tummy time, outdoor play, and so much more.

Each day, parents are sent home with a daily report that keeps you updated on your child's feeding, diaper, and nap times. We encourage daily communication between parents and staff as these little ones change so quickly!

Infant Program

Toddler Programs

Our toddler program is designed for your active little one who is learning to walk, talk, and explore their environment with loads of enthusiasm. We work with parents to establish individualized goals that we'll work on with your child to promote language, emotional development, and fine/gross motor skills. As in the infant programs, we will send home a daily report to communicate the highlights of your child's day.

Toddler Program
Preschool/4K Programs

Our preschool and 4K programs are staffed by highly qualified, dedicated teachers. We offer children a chance to get ready for kindergarten and beyond in an environment that is engaging and fun. Our preschoolers are exposed to centers such as language development, creative arts, music, science, manipulatives, and math. Your child will leave this program feeling confident and ready to take on school!

Preschool/4K Program
School-Age Program
School-Age Programs

We offer before and after school, school days off, and summer camp programs.


Our before-and-after-school program is so much more than just a place to go while not in school. We provide nutritious and balanced meals, as well as the opportunity to get extra study time or homework help. Your school-ager will enjoy playground time before and after school.

We currently bus to McDill, Plover-Whiting, and Roosevelt. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

In the summer months, we run a summer camp for our elementary-aged children. Each week, projects and field trips are planned around a variety of educational and entertaining themes.

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