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Mission Statement

Little Scholars and Little Scholars Beginnings specialize in educating all children from birth to adolescence. Our focus is to provide quality care in a clean and safe learning environment. Our service is provided by the most caring and compassionate teachers. Our teachers are highly experienced and educated in the child care field. Our programs reflect our passion and commitment towards child growth and development, while responding to the needs of parents, employers, and other organizations in the community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the respect for all people, especially the children. We strive to create an environment where we recognize the uniqueness of each individual.

We are committed to providing a quality child development program where the children feel safe and loved. Children learn best and develop their fullest potential through active participation in a wide variety of activities which take place in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. We promote a program to meet the needs of the total child - socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, and intellectually. We want to instill in each child a feeling of competence and positive self worth.

We believe in allowing the children to do as much for themselves as developmentally possible. This includes meal time, bathroom, outdoors, free play time, and especially art and table activity time. The children feel successful and develop confidence and  independence. We believe that when our teachers and parents work together, it makes child care a positive learning experience for each child. Our program believes children learn and teachers teach, reflecting developmentally-appropriate practice. Our teachers meet children where they are and help them reach their goals that are both challenging and achievable. 

We are committed to supporting the family unit and recognize the uniqueness of each family's lifestyle and cultural heritage. We strive to support parents and encourage their involvement with open and honest communication.



Little Scholars utilizes one of the most advanced security management software programs on the market today. This starts with security systems at the door, where parents use their fingerprint to gain entry to the building. Visitors simply ring the doorbell and are greeted by a staff member. Once parents scan their fingerprint, the system will record each child and adult contact in or out of the center, allowing staff members to monitor who drops off and picks up each child. Children are only released to those individuals listed on enrollment record filled out by the parent(s)/guardian and confirmed by an identification check. Observation windows are available in all classrooms, allowing parents to view class activities. For surveillance and security purposes, we also have video cameras in every classroom, as well as the common areas.

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